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Acts of Kindness

Updates from the LDS mission of Kathleen O’Reilly as she serves in the Philippines. Click “Subscribe to Blog” and be notified immediately of all new posts, photos, and articles.

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Aug. 24, 2013 - Cockroaches, Gagamba, & 1 Nephi 21

Posted by on in Journal
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Journal - August 24, 2013 - Saturday - at home - the Philippines
I slept in till 7:00 this morning!!  It's our P-day and we had plans to get a lot done.  It was bright and sunny and 94 degrees with 90% humidity for most of the day.  Really uncomfortable. However, I might be getting used to it.  I just sweat profusely instead of ultra excessively now.
We cleaned our flat today.  It needed it.  The laminate floors really get dusty.  I don't know exactly where the dirt and dust all come from as we rarely open our windows but it was there and now it is not.  I cleaned my bathroom and bedroom.  Sister Doig did hers and we team tackled the kitchen, dining room, and living room.  It only took us about 2 hours to get everything done.

The maintenance guy came about 1 o'clock and installed our new washer.  It's wonderful.  I did the first load in it and inaugurated  the darling thing.  Who would ever thought I could feel so fondly about a washing machine.  I am in love with doing laundry in it now.  It's so easy compared to all that hand rinsing and ringing.  I feel absolutely liberated.  Everything still has to hang dry on a rack in our service room but that is just fine by me.  That's the easy part.
The washer even has a regular in-the-wall drain. Not a hole in the floor.  The drain meant for the washer has been plugged with cement up until now.  Now here is the really horrendous part of this whole thing.  Once the installer guy cut the end off the drain pipe, whose end was filled with cement, and installed the washer drain hose, an enormous cockroach (ipis) came out of the drain and climbed up the side of the washer.  Sister Doig just flipped out and then I did too.  It was huge.  About 3 plus inches long.  The guy tells us to buy some aluminum foil and pack it around the washer hose to keep the cockroaches from getting in.  Sister Doig trapped this hideous bug under a glass and then I smashed it in between two pieces of cardboard and then flushed it down the toilet.  It was gross!!!   Even after I smashed it and it could not walk it was still alive waving it's antenna around and hissing at us.  Yikes!!!  We are calling the extermination people on Monday.  They come to the building once a week on Saturday so we will have them next week.
I also saw a mouse (daga) out in the hallway by the elevators.  I've also killed lots of gagamba. (Look that one up)  I just love living with pests.  Makes my nights a little nerve-wracking.  I have bad dreams and don't sleep too well.
We used our car to day to go to the grocery store.  It's called Price Wise and it's huge.  Far bigger than a Super Wal-Mart.  It has everything.  Even furniture, household items, clothes, groceries, and thank heavens, an enclosed meat display.  We bought the usual groceries although every time we go we have to try to add some of the staple basics into our cart as we can't cook or bake most things as we are missing too many ingredients.  Groceries are horrendously expensive (mahal - which is the same word as love) here.  Way out of proportion to  what other things cost.  It's depressing.  Like Sister Tenney said..It's cheaper to eat out that to cook in.  I am really starting to believe she is correct (tama).  I guess if all you ever ate was rice, like some of the poorest people here do,  it would be cheaper, but it's not a healthy diet to eat nothing but rice (kanin).
We put together today a rescue bag for Mariah and her aunt and uncle.  Three bars of soap (sabon), 3 toothbrushes, a tube of toothpaste, a bottle of shampoo, a deodorant, and some feminine stuff.  It was really fun for us to do and I know she will truly appreciate it.  I made a note card from a manilla envelope I had saved.  I drew silly pictures on it of us. (Me, Sister Doig and Mariah)  We will give it to her on Tuesday when she comes in to volunteer.  She will get a good laugh.  I just know it feels really good to be able to share what I have an abundance of with someone who is in real need.
While we were at the store, the sky clouded up, and by the time we were ready to come home, it was bucketing rain.  Seriously....when it rains here it really opens up and pours a deluge of water.  Just what we don't need right now is a whole lot more water.  People are just barely getting out from under the flooding from earlier this week.  Some streets are still closed and the mess is still being cleaned up. The outdoors smells quite rank as there are still piles of trash and rotting food and dead animals that have not been cleaned up yet.  The banks of the Pasig River are still horrendous from where we can see.  People have dug ditches and channels in their yards and between their shacks to try and force the water to run off instead of settling and creating mosquito breeding places.  One trouble after another it seems.
Congratulations to 3 people who figured out the amount of money in dollars that I had to spend on putting gas in my car yesterday. Yes you are so very clever.  I need to make my challenges a little harder if that is all it takes. 


1 Nephi 21 - some more.  I am so frustrated with my reading right now.  I have not given up, just had to slow down.  This Isaiah stuff makes me crazy.  I have resorted to reading only 4-6 verses and trying to understand and apply them.  It's going to take some time to get through all of this.
New Tagolog words for today.

  • daga = mouse
  • ipis = cockroach
  • gagamba =
  • kanin = cooked rice
  • tama = correct
  • sabon = soap
  • mahal = expensive

Be well and happy.  I love you immensely and miss you beyond words.  SKYPE is great and I love that I have seen a few of you.  You are so dear to me and I am thrilled to get even a simple email.  Take care, work hard, say your prayers, and stay close to your Heavenly Father who loves you.  Do and be your best.
I love you (Mahal Kita),
Sister (Miss Kate) O'Reilly

Sister O'Reilly

"Blessed is the influence of one true, loving, human soul on another." -- George Eliot

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